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[audio]11X1 T05 03 combinations (2012) - Nigel Simmons
How does it change when the order of arrangement is unimportant?
Keywords: combination
Downloads: 15
[audio]11X1 T05 03 combinations (2011) - Nigel Simmons
When te order is unimportamt....
Keywords: combination
Downloads: 253
[audio]11X1 T05 03 combinations (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Selecting the objects when order is NOT important
Keywords: combination
Downloads: 15
[texts]Studies in the Cleomaceae V: a new genus and ten new combinations for the flora of North America. (Volume v. 17 2007)

Keywords: new combination
Downloads: 53
[audio]12X1 combinations - Nigel Simmons
When the order does not matter, we get a combination rather.
Keywords: probability; combination
Downloads: 136
[audio]By me :P - Elias Sakran
By me :)
Keywords: combination of songs
Downloads: 19
[texts]COMBINATION COOKING-STOVE - United States Patent 466
The OCR that Google Patents originates has been edited to make this patent full-text-searchable and easy to read. There are 3 formats available: .pdf (original), .txt (clean text), and .brf (braille file). See the "all files HTTP" link to access all three; also go there to read the .txt file if the "full text" link gives trouble. During the editing process, a diligent attempt has been made to correctly discern every reference character, date, measurement, etc...
Keywords: combination; cooking stove; patent
Downloads: 47
[audio]I say combination - Monina Lao
combined songs
Keywords: myspace,combination,songs,combo,mixed
Downloads: 2,825
[movies]Chapter 9B Answer Key - Chris Thiel
Answers to question involving Probability, Combinations and Permutations
Keywords: precalc. probability; combination; permutataion; thiel
Downloads: 892
[movies]MPO 6300 Elite Digital TENS And EMS Unit
The MPO 6300 Elite Digital TENS and EMS Combination System is a fully digital combination TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator System having has 17 modes available to the professional and the patient. Medical products online is excited to offer to patients and professional offices including orthopedic, chiropractic, physical therapy and pain management offices the most reliable high quality combination TENS and EMS Treatment System available anywhere...
Keywords: Digital TENS; EMS Combination Sysytem
[movies]Solar Sailor - Mark L. Fox
Watch Combination Creativity in action as the Aussies developed the Solar Sailor; a transportation vessel that uses solar power panels for both electricity and as sails!
Keywords: Combination Creativity; Creativity; Solar Sailor
Downloads: 117
[audio]Combbass/Comb-i-nation dub - mark Givens
DUBstep tunage made with ACID placed on my myspace page as Combination dub also spelled as COmb-I-Nation dub
Keywords: Dubstep; bassline; Zappout; givens; Comb-I-Nation
Downloads: 66
[audio]Hollaback Kid Myspace Horror Breakdown
to profile haters!!! XD
Keywords: Hollaback; Kid; Myspace; Horror; Breakdown; Mixed; Combination
Downloads: 60
[texts]1. Medicine IJGMP DRUG RESISTANT MALARIA Mustafa Murtaza
Malaria is caused by four species of Plasmodium the fifth P.knowlesi is prevalent in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum has developed resistant to all first line antimalarial drugs .Chloroquine has been replaced by Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) as the first- line treatment of uncomplicated malaria. Resistance tochloroquine SP combination is already reported in Africa, making this combination unsuitable for use in Africa...
Keywords: Malaria; Sulfadoxine; Pyrimethamine; Artesunate Combination Therapies
Downloads: 10
[audio]NESTOR EN BLOQUE - 2011 5ta edicion combination
NESTOR EN BLOQUE - 2011 5ta edicion combination
Keywords: nestor en bloque; 5ta edicion combination
Downloads: 1,888
[audio]Self Indulgence,Self Denial - The Perfect Combination
To mess yourself up!
Keywords: Self Indulgence; Self Denial; The Perfect Combination; fun
Downloads: 9
[texts]ibm :: 1620 :: general program library :: 10.3.025 Two Dimensional Trim Problem
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.ibm :: 1620 :: general program library :: 10.3.025 Two Dimensional Trim Problem
Keywords: tfm; addresses; combination; loz; oro; sis; zspl; set; modified; bne; addresses set; addresses modified; width combination; combination table; plate frequency; length combinations; length combination; trim loss; sis sis; width combinations
Downloads: 7
[movies]Counting Applications - Chris Thiel
We consider how to put together our counting techniques to find out the probability of a royal flush, and figure out how many ways to give five fish to three dolphins using the partition technique.
Keywords: counting; permutation; combination; partition technique; probability; dice; poker; precalc; thiel
Downloads: 1,112
[texts]generalmanual 000058707
generalmanual 000058707
Keywords: aearo; headset; model; headband; radio; patented; lightweight; hearing; combination; dba
Downloads: 3
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: Safecracker (1983)(Imagic)
Mattel Intellivision: Safecracker (1983)(Imagic)
Keywords: secret; combination; hideout; treasury; color; embassy; imagic; safe; secret police; press; numbers open; combination number; combination numbers; red combination; side button; open embassy; border color; police cars; car reappears
Downloads: 25
[audio]Tres Temas De La Combinatión Sound System
Tres temas de la Combinatión que Grabaron en el Piso de Che Barracas
Keywords: HIP HOP; La Combination; 5ta Rama; Villa 21; Barracas
Downloads: 2
[audio]La 5ta Rama 19 06
Estuvieron los Amigos de la Combiinatión Sound Sistem .Grupo de HipHop de Clyapole Formado en 2006. Quienes hicieron una selección de temas de Hip Hop que compartieron con nosotros y estuvieron cantando en el piso de Che Barracas.
Keywords: HIP HOP; La 5ta Rama; Combination; Sound System
Downloads: 2
[texts]BSTJ 60: 6. July-August 1981: Characterization for Series-Parallel Channel Graphs. (Chang, X.M.; Du, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 60: 6. July-August 1981 pp 887-891. Characterization for Series-Parallel Channel Graphs. (Chang, X.M.; Du, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.)
Keywords: channel; graph; takagi; graphs; stage; combination; vertex; multiplex; regular; vertices; noninductive definition; takagi graphs; channel graph; parallel combination; channel graphs; series combination; smaller takagi; crossing multiplex; takagi graph; system technical
Downloads: 23
[texts]mit :: ai :: aim :: AIM-1542
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.mit :: ai :: aim :: AIM-1542
Keywords: interval; newton; cuts; bound; polynomial; combination; constraints; values; expression; symbolic; taylor interval; linear combination; lower bound; combination cuts; interval evaluation; upper bound; symbolic expression; newton cut; floating point; interval methods
Downloads: 18
[texts]Scientific American Volume 19 Number 09 (August 1868)

Keywords: tbe; combination; purpose; claim; arranged; manner; constructed; set; witb; purposes; tbe combination; dated july; purpose set; tbe purposes; tbe purpose; tbe manner; witb tbe; claim tbe; purposes set; combination witb
Downloads: 33
[texts]BSTJ 34: 5. September 1955: A Method for Synthesizing Sequential Circuits. (Mealy, George H.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 34: 5. September 1955 pp 1045-1079. A Method for Synthesizing Sequential Circuits. (Mealy, George H.)
Keywords: circuit; circuits; input; method; table; rule; combination; sequential; equivalence; synthesis; truth table; rule iii; input combination; output combination; sequential circuits; bell system; secondary relays; synthesizing sequential; system technical; introductory remarks
Downloads: 128
[texts]Scientific American Volume 19 Number 10 (September 1868)

Keywords: tbe; combination; purpose; arranged; set; patent; claim; constructed; tor; manner; tbe purposes; combination witb; purpose set; tbe combination; tbe purpose; claim tbe; scientific american; tbe manner; purposes set; tbe arrangement
Downloads: 38
[texts]Necta Vending Manual: Zip loader manual
Necta Vending Manual: Zip loader manual
Keywords: acceptor; banknote; machine; program; lock; aurora; combination; menu; acceptors; plate; reference components; components quantity; banknote acceptor; power supply; change key; qualified personnel; aurora iii; assembling banknote; variable combination; combination lock
Downloads: 18
[texts]Drug Device Combination Market - Kunal
drug and device combination market report, the report analyzes the basic structure of the drug-device combination market and its various submarkets.
Keywords: Drug and Device Combination Market Report; Drug Delivery Devices Market Share and Growth Information
[texts]Drug-device combination market worth US$18.54 billion by 2014 - kunal narhare
drug and device combination market report, the report analyzes the basic structure of the drug-device combination market and its various submarkets.
Keywords: Drug and Device Combination Market Report; Drug Delivery Devices Market Share and Growth Information
[movies]Stargate Combination | Teaser 02 - TFC Thueringer FilmClub
The new Project of the Thuringia FilmClub
Keywords: Stargate Combination; Thüringer Filmclub; TFC; Fanfilm; Sci-Fi; Teaser; Trailer; Film; Humor; Fun; Stargate; Movie
Downloads: 225
[texts]An Analysis of the New Japanese Payment System for Cataract Operations - Kazumitsu Nawata,Koichi Kawabuchi
Based on the report of the Central Social Insurance Medical Council concerning 2002 Revision of the Medical Service Fee Schedule, a new inclusive payment system based on the Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC) was introduced in Japan in April 2003. At the beginning of April in 2004, the system was gradually extended to general hospitals that satisfied certain required conditions. This was one of the largest and most important revisions of the payment system since the Second World War...
Keywords: Survival Analysis; Inclusive Payment System; Length of Hospital Stay; Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC); Cataract Operation
Downloads: 48

Keywords: combination framed midship section; design; structural design; computer applications; volume 1
Downloads: 32
[movies]Drug Device Combination Market - Kuanl Narhare
Details: http://goo.gl/b7CW09 drug and device combination market report, the report analyzes the basic structure of the drug-device combination market and its various submarkets.
Keywords: Drug and Device Combination Market Report; Drug Delivery Devices Market Share and Growth Information
Downloads: 5
[texts]“RSA‐ANP‐SSD” Spillover Effect Evaluation Model and Its Empirical Study about Strategic Emerging Automation Industry-Taking Intelligent Logistics Industry In Hunan as Example
This paper presents a new “RSA‐ANP‐SSD” combinationweighting model which can not only meet the preference ofdecision makers, but also can reduce their subjectivity, andthen, it has established the Strategic Emerging AutomationIndustry spillover effect evaluation index system and builttwo level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of Chinaʹsstrategic emerging automation industries, thus providing auseful tool of analysis and decision support for theformulation and implementation of our n...
Keywords: “RSA‐ANP‐SSD” Combination Weighting; Strategic Emerging Automation Industry; Spillover Effect; Evaluation
Downloads: 6
[texts]Baron's Immortal - Alexander Baron, Ray Keene & Yasser Tello
This is my game against Yasser Tello from the ten minute tournament on Sunday, August 29. I really didn't think Ray Keene would use this. Not only that, he's annotated it himself! At the time I was proud to have played such a game, especially in a ten minute tournament. It's a pity I play like a prat most of the time, even in Slowplays. The game didn't actually end like this. After 24. QXB I announced mate in 2; in reality it is mate it 3...
Keywords: Alexander Baron; chess; combination; Mind Sports Olympiad; queen sacrifice; Olympiad; Raymond Keene; Sicilian Defence; Yasser Tello
Downloads: 46
[movies]Even in the Age of ARVs, HIV/AIDS Still Matters - AIDSvideos.org
Danny West is a trainer, coach, and leadership consultant, has been living with HIV for the past 24 years, and remains healthy today. It's important to realize that combination therapy with antiretroviral medications is not a cure. It will help your immune system fight HIV, but the person with HIV can still transmit the virus to others through routes such as sexual contact and needle sharing. The stigma and prejudice associated with HIV is one of the major issues that people living with HIV are ...
Keywords: ARVs; antiretroviral; drugs; side; effects; combination; therapy; triple; cocktail; HIV; positive; AIDS; Danny West; prevention; education
Downloads: 143
[texts]Proper Diet for Your Skin Type - Jiva Spa Toronto
There are five different skin types, and the care you need depends on what skin type you have. Discover more about what foods will make it look its best!
Keywords: skin type; skin care; oily skin; normal skin; dry skin; combination skin; sensitive sk
Downloads: 12
[texts]A method of estimating the aerodynamic effects of ordinary and split flaps of airfoils similar to the Clark Y - Pearson, H
An empirical method is given for estimating the aerodynamic effect of ordinary and split flaps on airfoils similar to the Clark Y. The method is based on a series of charts that have been derived from an analysis of existing wind-tunnel data. Factors are included by which such variables as flap location, flap span, wing aspect ratio, and wing taper may be taken into account. A series of comparisons indicate that the method would be suitable for use in making preliminary performance calculations ...
Downloads: 49
[movies]Expert Safe & Lock 24 Hour Safe Cracking and Vault Opening Company Los Angeles
http://expert-safe-opening.com now! Expert Safe & Lock Provide Safe Opening & Safe Cracking Services Day and Night for the entire los angeles and metro area if you need and safe Expert call Simon at 888 492-1813
Keywords: Safe Opening; Safe Cracking; Vault Opening; Combination Safe Opening; Vault Cracking Company
Downloads: 145
[texts]The effects of piston-head shape, cylinder-head shape, and exhaust restriction, on the performance of a piston-ported two-stroke cylinder - Rogowski, A R
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 335
[texts]generalmanual 000002750
generalmanual 000002750
Keywords: vcr; combination; push; para; select; cable; timer; power; menu; key; combination vcr; push menu; remote control; timer recording; key set; record tab; para elegir; closed caption; car battery; vcr lock
Downloads: 2
[texts]BSTJ 44: 6. July-August 1965: On the Decomposition of Lattice-Periodic Functions. (Graham, R.L.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 44: 6. July-August 1965 pp 1191-1214. On the Decomposition of Lattice-Periodic Functions. (Graham, R.L.)
Keywords: primitive; functions; period; linear; combination; function; denote; lemma; tion; decomposition; linear combinations; space generated; linear combination; vector space; system technical; real vector; periodic function; primitive functions; bell system; primitive components
Downloads: 12
[texts]generalmanual 000017453
generalmanual 000017453
Keywords: vcr; push; combination; key; set; select; menu; timer; para; cable; combination vcr; push menu; remote control; timer recording; key set; record tab; para elegir; closed caption; vcr lock; timer indicator
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000017770
generalmanual 000017770
Keywords: press; key; select; set; vcr; timer; combination; display; caption; action; combination vcr; key set; press action; action key; key select; key action; auto clock; display set; key display; display main
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000031057
generalmanual 000031057
Keywords: sander; belt; sanding; disc; combination; awarning; figure; hex; grizzly; table; combination sander; sanding belt; belt table; serious personal; disc table; aluminum disc; table support; sanding unit; safety instructions; personal injury
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000017769
generalmanual 000017769
Keywords: press; vcr; select; key; combination; set; para; timer; display; cable; combination vcr; key set; press action; key select; timer recording; action key; remote control; key display; key action; display set
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000031538
generalmanual 000031538
Keywords: belt; sander; disc; combination; sanding; table; awarning; grizzly; miter; figure; combination sander; miter gauge; belt arm; belt table; disc table; positive stops; flat washer; cap screw; table tilt; table positive
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000009750
generalmanual 000009750
Keywords: del; para; los; american; conversion; les; combinaison; power; combinacion; candado; american power; power conversion; combination lock; notebook computer; del candado; cabeza del; lock head; computer combination; security slot; release lever
Downloads: 3
[texts]EAA Izh94 Sever
EAA Izh94 Sever
Keywords: rifle; barrel; combination; shotgun; gun; trigger; forend; firearm; cartridge; safety; combination rifle; european american; american armory; trigger block; top lever; safe direction; block safety; choke tubes; choke tube; locking bar
Downloads: 5
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